MyCPM FAQs Partnership Program

Partnership Program


1. What partnership programs are offered by CP Markets?


Affiliate Programs: As an Affiliate, you promote CP Markets on your website, blog or social media accounts, using the tools we provide to introduce clients to CP Markets. You will receive a commission based on the number of clients you acquire and their trading activity.


Introducing Brokers Program:  As an Introducing Broker (IB), you have the opportunity to expand your business by meeting new clients and referring them to CP Markets. A variety of rebate schemes are offered which are designed to keep you earning throughout your clients’ time with us.


2. How can I join CPM’s Partnership Program?

You can register as an Introducing Broker or Affiliate by visiting the CP Markets Partners website.


3. Are there any fees incurred for the application?

No, there will be no registration fees or extra costs.


4. What is a referral link?

It is a unique link which owned by every member of CP Markets. When a client registers using your link, the client will be assigned to you.


5. Can I track my referrals?

You can get a full list on your referrals in your MyCPM by clicking on ‘Genealogy’ under IB Management.